Monday, January 23, 2017

30 day photo challenge!!

Self Portrait

This is what I wore today

These are my Clouds at Marshall.

This is a green plant I found on the paseo.

When I was on a plane going to Hawaii, we were above the clouds in the morning sky

My phone is a worm and took a photo of us!!

I found this moldy orange at the A court...Gross.

My bad habit is eating popcorn! I have braces so thats not good. I took this at a movie theatre.

I love my dog Bon Bon. <3

I used to LOVE Capri Sun. I cant find stores that sell it anymore...

I took this picture of the Ocean on a ferry boat in Seattle.

I took this Pano picture while I was camping by the beach.

I am on the ground in this picture. These are my 13 friends.

This is an eye picture that eye took last night....see what eye did there??

I took this picture of my Dad at Belmont Park. I guess its a silhouette??

I won the jackpot at an arcade! A lot of technology....

These are my converse.

On my cruise to the Bahamas, The sunset was very orange.

This is my face-less self-portrait I took last week.

This is Alex Zappia's hands. You can see my shadow taking the picture!

I took this sunflare about 3 weeks ago. It turned out great!

Can you spot the bee? Yep, its an Animal.

I took this closeup picture of a pink flower. Not the best quality, but it works.

This close-up was from the B lunch court of the table!

I took this picture from my house! The park is a far distance from my backyard.

I found these flowers at the A lunch court behind the building.

This is my black & white photo that I took from the fence of Marshall.

Here is another self portrait....this was awhile ago.

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